The first full week of school already brought a quiz on the provinces of China and a quiz on French, which I probably answered most of in Spanish. Good.

But the first real week gives way to the first real weekend. Some will enjoy Timeflies and the annual Bates College 80s Dance. 

I will be packing cupcakes and gossip mags halfway up Mount Washington for a bizarre “retirement” party; a dear friend is leaving the AMC and moving cross country. (No one ever really leaves the AMC)

I’ll also be doing a Northern Presidential Traverse on Saturday to visit a friend who’s going to WOOF in France for a semester before landing at Amherst in the spring. 

It’s going to be cold. It’s going to be difficult seeing as I haven’t hiked any significant milez since leaving the wild and returning to the socialwild of college. But it’s going to be beautiful, and I can’t wait.